Are You Ready for the Big New War? You Damn Well Better Be

For the past eight years, I’ve been trying to deliver a message to my people from the Russian people, and from their leader, Vladimir Putin. Immensely powerful forces in the western world do not want you to receive this message. Consequently, almost everything you read, hear, or see is crafted, purposefully, to convince you Putin and Russia are our enemies. The hawks in the west have calculated for decades now, and they’re willing to gamble on the most dangerous crapshoot in history as I type this.

Today, as before, Russian speakers in the Donbas wait for the coming onslaught — A photo from journalist Patrick Lancaster from the front lines of Donetsk in 2015.

I won’t regurgitate here, about the people who run our society from the top-down. Having ensured the Russians will be our foes, forever, until the end time, their machinations are well documented. I have researched and written about this (in many languages), as much as anyone alive. So, what I want to convey to you today, is that those end times are closer than ever with the current administration’s provocative stance on Russian concerns in eastern Europe. The ‘machine’ that is American hegemony, business, and militarism, is about to auto-pilot us all into a very real Armageddon. I know, you’ve read this before from the fear mongers. But today, there is a great reason to be afraid.

Red Blooded American Propaganda

Let me start with a bit of media analysis.

Foreign Policy Magazine is published by the FP Group, which is a division of Graham Holdings Company, a media conglomerate owned by Donald E. Graham. It should come as no surprise that Graham is one of the so-called Bilderberg invitees, but I only mention this for tone, the dire tone suggested in every dystopian horror film you ever saw. FP is a major propaganda group that is aimed at validating perpetual war and American piracy abroad. I say “piracy’ because this is what we’ve been doing for the past 77 years since World War 2 ended. Again, many of us have written about this, time and again. For today, though, the FP story “Washington Must Prepare for War With Both Russia and China,” reveals once and for all, the insanity in the asylum of our foreign policy institutions. Let me quote from the plot of this article:

“Washington and its allies should develop a defense strategy capable of deterring and, if necessary, defeating Russia and China at the same time.”

This “directive” was written by Matthew Kroenig, who is the deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. I use the term “directive” because that’s exactly what the FP piece reflects, a real and pre-planned mission to defeat Russia and China in a war. The war that is coming. Yes, this is real, in case you are wondering. Kroenig, just to simplify things for you, is a CIA spook whose entire academic and professional career has been about pushing for the biggest war ever.

U.S. President Joe Biden in a meeting in the Oval Office — White House Facebook image

I am not sure if he is one of those lizard people the far-out conspiracy people talk about, but he’s the lunatic snake most cited by mainstream media on U.S. nuclear war powers and strategy. Yes, I said CIA spook. Kroenig began his career as a military analyst in the Strategic Assessment Group at the Central Intelligence Agency, and when you join the CIA, you don’t just leave. So, President Biden’s current balls-out unbending stance on Russia is not something that just happened because Vladimir Putin moved some tanks around inside his own country. This ‘plan’ has been decades in the making, and Putin is just reacting the only way any Russian leader could. He’s getting ready for the inevitable.

The Real Fears Rising

Switching gears, a friend of mine in the United States contacted me this morning about the situation. She is worried that something terrible is about to happen. She says things in the states are getting bad. Prices are skyrocketing, business is getting worse, and the people are acting very strange. She’s a Baby Boomer, like me, and she’s seen a lot of foul water go under the bridge domestically, and geopolitically over the years. She’s afraid of more chaos, perhaps even anarchy should get worse there. And she is one of a very few who are intuitive and lucid during these unprecedented times. You see, the well has run dry for the brand of capitalism our country has practiced over the last six or seven decades. Growth, the engine of capitalism and imperialism, has ground to a halt.

Like my friend just told me, everyone is neck-deep in debt in America, and the government is as well. As in previous times, there is only one solution for the people who run our engine of prosperity. And TAG, Russia is ‘it’ again. Only this time, there is nowhere for our perceived foes to run to. They are at home, and Biden is coming to ‘get’ them. Another report from The Center for American Progress tells us that the new assault on Russia is not new at all. What we are witnessing is a long-term strategy to, as senior fellow Max Bergmann phrases the ‘advisable’ strategy, is to:

“Therefore, the response to a Russian invasion is less about discrete policy responses than about adopting a continuous policy to isolate, constrain, and weaken Putin’s Russia.”

And, as those of us who have studied political science and world affairs understand, this is a generations-old strategy put in place to keep Russia down and out so that western business and interests can dominate. What Biden and Co. are engaged in is textbook Cold War doctrine, despite the fact the think tank minions claim America wants world peace and brotherhood. Max Bergmann, by the way, was former Secretary of State John Kerry’s speechwriter.

To further simplify, the mission of these great thinkers advising our presidents is to end Russia, plain and simple. Our hardcore elites have been determined to grab the riches of Russia and the other states where American big business has not been set let free to pirate. It all boils down to the delusion that the Earth can be sustainable under the current capitalist system Wall Street, London, and Luxembourg have set in place. This too is a far broader discussion, but it needs to be said here. The ‘game’ we are in is all about winning economically in the short and mid-term. Perpetuating, as it were, the consumerism that is destroying our planet.

Listen — The War College Is Speaking

I’ve written about things like ‘peak oil’ and ‘Putin’s Third Way’ so many times. I do not want to burden the reader further with doomsday visions out of H.G. Wells or George Orwell. However, in order to show that my thesis here is valid, I must show the pattern, the line of thinking, and the strategy that shows this most recent crisis as simply the latest stage of a much longer process. Interestingly, this is not very difficult to prove. Take this U.S. Army War College report (PDF) entitled “The Russian Way of War: Implications for the U.S. Army,” from 2017, and based on studies in the decades previous. Forgive the long abstract of the paper, it’s necessary:

In Crimea, Donbass, Aleppo, and over the English Channel, Russia is using its still-modernizing military to (re)gain territory, secure geopolitical access and influence, convey geopolitical strength domestically and internationally, and test the political resolve of others. While the Russians pose a real military threat to the United States and many European countries, the U.S. Army should ensure it prepares against Russian — and not Soviet — forces. This paper builds on tactical and operational analyses of how Russians approach war against a competing power to outline strategic implications for the U.S. Army. The paper concludes that understanding how Russians approach war, while keeping Russian successes and problems in context, will allow U.S. leaders to pursue military and political policies that maintain respect for this resurgent Russian power without overestimating Russia’s military capabilities.”

And the Biden administration, amplified by 10,000 media outlets in the west, claims Vladimir Putin has been planning for war. Reading this U.S. Army assessment, several key points emerge that should give every American, Ukrainian, and even the Russians pause. First and foremost, the assessment betrays the fact that the Biden administration knows full well what will befall Ukraine should Russia be forced into a military confrontation. Reading about the use of Russian artillery, as its “God of War,” I shudder at implications. What our Pentagon and our president “think” they know is that hundreds of thousands of casualties might be incurred from bombardment alone. Think about this. If Russia does perform according to our war school assessments, Ukraine will be a wasteland even in a conventional conflict. Another quote may suffice here:

“Despite having precision technology, the Armed Forces generally prefer massed, on-precision-guided munitions, even in urban terrain, due to a reported 80-to-1 munitions cost differential, the mathematical probability of destruction, projected terrain problems for artillery spotters, and expected munition survivability in an electronic warfare environment.”

Furthermore, this in-depth paper illustrates fully well that the Biden administration totally understands Mr. Putin and Russia’s concerns over NATO. In fact, the authors come right out and admit the military alliance has sought and still seeks to force the Russians to, as the authors put it, “to defend in 360 degrees.” The report goes on to betray Secretary of State Blinken, and his boss in the White House as deceivers. They claim Russia’s concerns are invalid, but the strategies underneath support Russia claims and fears.

The Army War College knows that Russia’s goal is to secure a regional sphere of influence and global great power status. And, the authors understand fully that the United States wants to maintain the existing international order while adding former Soviet republics and satellites into their so-called liberal capitalist democratic economic order. Now let’s look farther back, at the authentic post-Cold War strategies of America and NATO.

An image from some time back of kids in the People’s Republic of Donetsk. Reports from the Donbas today say there is widespread shelling across the entire front with Ukraine. According to locals, the Ukraine Army is shelling residential areas of this rural region that borders Russia. Patrick Lancaster — war correspondent in Donetsk

This 2015 Brookings report operates from the perspective of America having a vast superiority in strategic nuclear forces. Reading between the lines it’s easy to see why the Biden administration seems not to be taking Russia seriously. More alarming, is the insinuation that with a flip of a switch, a hidden American nuclear capability can be tossed into the mutually assured destruction (MAD) game. Hidden in plain sight in this report, is the probable withdrawal by the U.S. from the New START treaty should a conflagration occur. This is of big concern for Putin. If trust is the issue, on the numbers of warheads, Brookings had this:

“These numbers conceal an additional area of U.S. advantage. The U.S. military has “downloaded” all of its ICBMs and most, if not all, of its SLBMs. As a result, the missiles carry fewer warheads than their maximum loadings.”

Brookings blatantly brags about how the United States could very quickly add 1,000 or more warheads to already deployed weapons with the stroke of a presidential pen. Now, is this something that might be of concern to the Russians? The bibliography of the Army War College paper wreaks of Washington think tanks and treats our friend Matthew Kroenig as a kind of nuclear weapons superhero. The paper talks about Kroenig recommending NATO equipping dual-capability aircraft (DCA) with nuclear-armed, air-to-surface cruise missiles. The CIA spook’s reasoning being, this would give the NATO alliance a short-range standoff weapon, or:

“SRSO…that provides NATO, as an alliance, with a discriminate nuclear option capable of penetrating Russian air defenses that also limits the risks of escalation to a strategic nuclear exchange.”

The current situation is clearly a progression of a strategy that was laid out decades ago. So, can anyone blame Putin and Russia for being suspicious? I can provide a hundred proofs, but perhaps the best is found in this report from 2009 entitled “NATO-Russia: Is the ‘Russian Question’ European?” Prepared by Dr. Thomas Gomart, and Dr. Nicholas Sowels, the report describes how NATO transformed itself in order to exist after there was no further need of such a blunt instrument to fend off the Soviets. The authors say that “the Alliance managed to transform itself by redefining its missions and making enlargement its new raison d’être.” Which, even back then, was cause for great alarm from the Russian side.

The authors also pointed out that in 2009 “Kabul and Tehran were much more important than Kyiv and Tbilisi for the future of NATO,” at that point. The research is extraordinary for several reasons, not the least of which is the clarity with which the authors viewed this great “misunderstanding” between America, Europe, and Russia. Kosovo and the Yugoslavia disaster played a huge role, but so did the Orange Revolution, and many other factors. If you read with an objective mind, you cannot escape a critical fact the authors reveal. Today’s Ukraine crisis has more to do with three distinct factions in the United States, and a lot less to do with Vladimir Putin, who only seeks to keep Russia whole. Another citation serves here:

“An ‘anti-Russian lobby’ exists in the United States. It includes three main groups: the ‘militarist hawks’ who view US hegemony in the world as natural; the ‘liberal hawks’ for whom America’s democratic values have a universal significance; and the ‘East-European nationalists’ for whom Russia is imperial by nature and incapable of transforming itself into a democratic system.”

President Putin at the Kremlin day before yesterday — Kremlin photo

So, it makes little difference whether or not Joe Biden is too sleepy and dumb to recognize these lobbies, or if he knows full well and serves them. The Russian position is unchanged either way. And the U.S. position is what it always has been, aggressive on the Russians at every turn. The acute problem is, Vladimir Putin has just approved a mass evacuation of civilians from embattled Donbas. Officials say they believe the Ukraine forces will go on the offensive to take back the region. Mr. Putin also upped the game to include an even broader NATO pullback. The situation has been amplified tenfold. The Russians are just about done talking. After all, what’s the use if NATO’s survival depends on expansion? In fairness, the authors of this study also point out the anti-western lobby inside Russia.

Our Empire Must Not Fall

However, the difference between the staunch Russian militarists and the American counterparts is, the Russians seek security within and regionally, while the United States seeks to run the whole world. The video below from correspondent Patrick Lancaster in the Donbas shows the town closest to the Donetsk Airport, the site of the most fierce fighting of the 2014 conflict. If you watch and listen (read) you can feel the bitter reality none of my American countrymen care to see. The ethnic Russians our State Department and the hawks never want anyone to see. I have always advised those interested to follow the trail of blood to find the victims of this war. Somehow, they prefer to follow mainstream media and American strategists. Please watch until the end and the lady shoveling snow saying the only truth that matters.

Ultimately, this crisis is about perpetuating the greatest hegemony since Britania ruled the waves. Russia, ironically, is in exactly the same position she’s always been in, with one important distinction. Her potential enemies and real ones are closer to Moscow than at any time since Nazi Germany beat at the gates in World War 2. The nationalists in Russia may be wrong about NATO wanting to physically invade their country. But given the western financial interests who tried to carve the country up before Putin, their fears are certainly well-founded. And this is the whole point. Russia, Putin, the leadership, and ultimately the people on the streets fear their demise is at hand with this Biden White House grandstanding.

Are they wrong to fear? Would America react similarly if her neighbors were being supported by the Chinese Communists or the Russian hardliners? Putin has been made the convenient villain. The western propagandists did their job. I was just talking with someone from here in Greece, who sincerely believes the Russian leader is a murderer, a dictator that, in his words, “the Russians do not deserve.” So, the narrative has filtered properly. The time is right. There may be no other opportunity like the present. And my country’s hardliners are ready to gamble. With your lives and those of your children. Again, and perhaps finally.



A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.

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Phil Butler

A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.