Next Greece’s Mitsotakis Will Blame the Dead for Dying

Now hear this. The Greek government will now punish people over the age of 60 who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus. As infections surge, the New Democracy leadership has decided it’s the vulnerable who are the problem.

“Yes, Christine, just tell me where you need me to sign.” As Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis begs his instructions from the European Central Bank President Lagarde’.

After having prioritized tourism and the rest of the economy above safety and a deadly health crisis for two years now, the Mitsotakis regime shifts the blame for COVID dangers from the youth of the country onto the at risk population the government put on the back burner months ago. Vowing they won’t shutter the country again, no matter what, the corporate controlled puppets in Athens scurry back and forth shifting blame. The birthplace of democracy is rapidly shifting to become something else.

News Greece is introducing steep fines for unvaccinated people aged 60 and over is just the latest idiocy from Greek leadership. Having been praised to the high heavens for cruising the coronavirus infection curve in early 2020, New Democracy’s campaign to reopen to tourists set a precedent that opened the floodgates for subsequent waves of COVID. In May of 2020, the total number of COVID cases up until that point was less than 5,000. Today, over 6,000 cases are being recorded each day, and the new highly contagious Omicron variant is not yet in Greece.

The wise Greek men looking back at Mitsotakis — Spyros Papaspyropoulos

The 2020 tourism season went forward despite indications from outside Greece that new variants might fuel subsequent waves of the pandemic. The government downplayed the effects of COVID brought to Greece by tourists, and ran a huge public relations campaign to build on the country’s safety after stamping out COVID with initial lockdowns. Then in the Fall, another wave struck, powered by the public’s apathy toward vaccines and distancing measures. No education campaign was instituted by New Democracy, the psychological effect of millions of tourists walking the streets in Summer, and other foolishness created a chasm between right and wrong steps.

Now, the same people who were jettisoned by Operation Blue Freedom in Summer 2021, are the victims again. Only this time we are (I’m 66) the arch villains of surging COVID infections. Vaccinating party islands in Blue Freedom in preference to the old people here in Heraklion, Crete and elsewhere, is not even on the lips of mainstream media journalists. First, Mitsotakis blamed the EU for slow vaccine rollouts. Then he blamed the youth of Greece for failing to trust him. Next, he vowed to keep the country open no matter what in order to ink deals (or satisfy) with TUI and other corporations. He clamped down on the unvaccinated by limiting their access after this. And now, the message is that the old folks have to bear every burden, and the rest of the unvaccinated population can just get sick, live, or die, depending on how strong they are.

The tourism minister of Greece is jetting about selling Greece to tourists again. Vasilis Kikilias is running Mitsotakis’ PR campaign of economic wonderment and positivity, just like his predecessor did. But, in case the reader does not know, it was Kikilias who headed the drive to inoculate Mykonos for partiers ahead of old villagers in danger here on Crete and elsewhere. Yes, you read that correctly. Mitsotakis replaced the corporate tourism yes man Harry Theoharis with the genius health minister at the head of a campaign that betrayed the public trust of young and old.

Statesmanship is dead and buried in Greece in favor of banker pawns and bush league basketball players with political ambitions. My friends laugh when I call Greece a “Banana Pudding Republic,” but those leaders here on Crete who are my friends agree. A Greek could reinvent the wheel, and unless a Frankfurt or Luxembourg banker pulls a string, Greece and the world will travel on square wheels. I have added a chart above comparing Greece with normal banana republics in Central America.

Even an organ grinder in Greece or in New York’s Central Park has superior logic going for them

If these geniuses had wanted to keep the economy going, while saving lives as a priority, sending the 700,000 doses of vaccines to Crete instead of remote islands could have made Greece’s biggest island safe. A campaign to convince people of the necessity, combined with shutting off those remote islands totally, would have sent a clear message that this prime minister cared about his people. Instead of making 600,000 plus Cretans the litmus test for eradicating the danger, Mitsotakis listened to idiots like Kikilias, the mediocrity culture of hoteliers, and the big German tour operators. Face it, the average taxi driver in Athens has more common sense and decency than these politicians.

Greece basically followed the Donald Trump example throughout this crisis. Other than slipping on their fashionable masks for their photo ops, the Greek leadership just played like a chorus of German sock puppets. They still wiggle and wag about as if obscure forces standing behind are wiggling profit fingers up their little economist behinds. The Greek people need to yank the curtain back to reveal the ghastly inhumanity that is running their country into the ground. Who in the hell came up with the plan to fine old people in Greece €100 euro every month until they get vaccinated? For those out there who wondered why the system here has been rushed toward digitalization, the reason was not to help keep Greeks safe. The data system was put in place to track who is to be fined.

The birthplace of democracy will end up being the testing ground for some kind of Big Brother dystopia ushered in, get this, by stoking fears of a Big Brother dystopia! Idiot minions in Athens, propped up by the real evil geniuses somewhere else in Europe, end up proving the ultimate conspiracy theory that kept people away from vaccines. Hannibal Lecter could not have dreamed this up. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing populist Syriza party, had rightly pointed out that these fines are roughly half of what pensioners get to live on. WTF kind of monkey show is Mitsotakis running in Athens?

As I finish this story, the first cases of the Omicron variant in Greece were detected on Monday. The country had logged almost 939,000 Covid infections and more than 18,000 related deaths since the start of the pandemic. Mitsotakis caused this problem. The half a million old people who are currently unvaccinated, are on him. Every one of those people who dies, has blood on his hands. He could have prevented this over a year ago. Instead, it is now up to the vulnerable to not only save themselves, but the country as well. You can read the news on this, and feel the churning bean counter minds whipping out the facts and figures that surely pumped life into this Greece COVID monster. Read this from Prime Minister Mitsotakis:

Well, Mr. Mitsotakis, an organ grinder in Central Park, in New York City could have some up with a plan to ensure 70 year olds were vaccinated before bartenders in Mykonos. And you, sir, are ultimately responsible for that negligence. How’s this for “expert” opinions?



A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.

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Phil Butler

A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.