Behold! The Russia-Ukraine Monstrosity We All Wanted

Phil Butler
8 min readMar 15, 2022

An open letter for Whoopi Goldberg and Mitt Romney.

What if someone were to appeal to all of humanity? What if a small child or a feeble elderly person that can scarcely be heard were amplified like lightning on a cold dark night? What if God came back? Would we, could we stop clawing and stabbing at one another?

Mitt Romney (DonkeyHotey)

I am sitting here listening to Hans Zimmer’s heart-rending composition for the death of James Bond. (Pertinent because chivalry is dead and buried) Final Ascent, both audibly and visually, makes me weep. Maybe listening will help you understand my words. For,if irony were a dessert, the culmination of recent “coincidences” would taste like the darkest cacao, melting into a puddle of French vanilla. These are bitter times, poured over what might have been indelible good. Ukraine. We are told, it’s one man’s fault. We are told, over, and over, and over again that no war is just. Or, only when someone else wages it.

Hate. Self-interest. Manipulation. Greed. Immorality. Callousness. We are drowning in it. And the killing, our Generals are calling for more, and more, and more. But not only generals wage war on decency. Vladimir Putin’s desperate act, it’s not the greatest evil on Earth. How so, you say? Ah, let me tell you.

I was watching Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (above) this morning. He’s been following the Ukraine Bioweapons story, as has former congressman Tulsi Gabbard. Yes, even our government now admits the United States Defense Department and other agencies have been funding biomedical research into deadly bugs in Ukraine. The New York Times and many others are resisting telling the American people about this heinous fact. And now, some are calling for Carlson, Gabbard, or anyone commenting on such issues to be arrested. No, I am not kidding.

It seems like. No, wait. The fact is, America has totally lost any sense of who or what we were supposed to be. We’re a beautiful but leaking, giant ship of fools, running rudderless far out into a dark foreboding sea. I know, I know, some of my friends will say again; “Does Phil love America, or does he hate America?” Yes, I have loveable but stupid friends too. Ah, you are busy. Let me get to it.

In Tucker Carlson’s most recent commentary, the TV show The View was part of the segment about American traitors, Putin apologists, Russia sympathizers, and a new movement to arrest all those who dare to voice opposing opinions on Ukraine. The girls of the show nodded their heads in agreement, as Anna Navaro called for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Carlson and Gabbard. Comedian/actress and The View expert Whoopi Goldberg chimed in to punctuate: “They used to arrest people for doing stuff like this!”

Whoopi used to be charming, and really funny. But Whoopi is not funny anymore. Like so many people in my country, she’s full of hate and ignorance. Maybe she’s just unhappy? Maybe all those women on the show are feeling hateful, just like Republican Senator Mitt Romney is feeling hate for Tulsi Gabbard, for anyone daring to warn us all about a looming biological weapons catastrophe in the making. And this, while a worldwide pandemic is still killing hundreds of thousands of people. No, Whoopi Goldberg totally ceased being funny, or even intelligent, let alone caring when she opened her mouth this time.

But bored, ill-tempered, empowered Hollywood people are the least of our worries today. Our real problem is, dare I say it, us! I feel it in my own bones, the anger and confusion mixing over seemingly unsolvable problems. I see the Russians being vilified when I know so much about them that proves this is a false narrative. Putin the “killer” has echoed in America so long, one day soon they’ll use the Russian leaders name to describe all crimes. Crime, the word, may one day be synonymous with this world leader. But why?

Since I am already headed for America’s coming gulags, I might as well tell you everything. You see, Vladimir Putin’s demilitarization of Ukraine is a just war. Now that I shocked you all, and especially the fake WOKE people of the world like Whoopi Goldberg, I’ll go ahead and explain.

Whoopi Goldberg did not cry a tear for this father and his child who died from our Nazis shelling the Donbass region in 2014. In fact, of the thousands of such photos, it is nearly impossible to find them on the Internet now. Google, Facebook, and other platforms seem to have whitewashed over them.

Any human being, any nation or tribe of human beings, has the right to defend itself. Furthermore, if the defense is to prevent an imminent calamity, an obvious threat, an irreversible intent to do massive harm, any nation or being is allowed to survive as best they can. Fifteen years Vladimir Putin has voiced the concerns of the Russian people for their survival. No one and I means no one took heed at all. For almost 9 years, the Minsk accords to end the suffering of Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine went nowhere.

The Kyiv regime put in power by our government, continually stalled, while at the same time killing innocent civilians of the region. Another sign of our times is the fact they all disappeared, the wounded and dead Donbass children from the war everyone forgot. I looked for 2 hours on Google, using Yandex, trying the Microsoft tools, even Facebook, and it’s as if the technocrats expunged all memory of these victims. No wonder Whoopi and the others seem so obtuse. Search “Donbass children” and you get President Zelenskyy.

After almost 3 hours, I finally found an image of brave little Vanja, the boy honored for his strength and courage in front of the world in Red Square at the May 9th parade. Vanja was blown up by Ukraine shelling of civilian areas of the Donbass at the start of the conflict that began in 2014.

During this same period, the United States and NATO installed controversial military systems in both Romania and in Poland. Vladimir Putin warned these were causes for extreme concern by the Russian state. No one cared. I reported on these things dozens of times. Nobody in my circle of friends so much as raised an eyebrow. And Whoopi Goldberg? If you use Google to search her name and Ukraine between 2011 and 2018, there’s nothing. All you’ll find is where she praised Obama for waiting a couple of months before murdering some people in a foreign land. Whoopi, like so many people the networks put upfront, should stick to what she is good at, being funny. But, back to Mr. Putin’s war and how it’s a righteous one in my “VIEW”.

The Russians are battling for their very survival, though few are able to see this. Most of the people clicking their smartphones and keyboards on these issues, were babies when the United States blasted Iraq into the Stone Age. Most of the protestors and the social media influencers yammering about #StandWithUkraine were not even born when we destroyed one of the most prosperous nations in Europe, Yugoslavia. And these dastardly wars based on lies, these actions are what Russians fear awaits them. I’ve written 200 reports on how the western elites wanted to carve up Russia in the Yeltsin era. Double that number have been written about what Vladimir Putin supposedly wants, by news media that could give a shit about Russians, peace, or anything resembling the truth. Western media, you all know, is an advertising monster.

Now, so many out there are skirting this issue of just wars. Was the Iraq war just? Certainly not, it was all based on a lie so that America could do Israel’s bidding and project power. It was so our military industrialists could make trillions. But Russia’s fears, are real. Anyone can prove this if they take the time to do so. Putin, even the oligarchs who support him, are dead set against their country being chopped up into virtually meaningless little republics, to become little resource stashes for the western elites. NATO has moved ever closer to Russia. The western powers have sanctioned everything and everyone they can sanction in Russia. The Russian economy, culture, money, heroes, traditions, and their very existence has been assaulted for decades now. Since the Berlin Wall fell, there was no stoppage of the so-called Cold War. We are seeing the results of this now.

Where were Whoopi and Mitt Romney when the Nazis we backed in Odessa burned alive pro-Russian protesters inside the Customs House? Being funny, I guess.

Neo-nazis in Ukraine, like the Al Nusra Front we created in Syria, they are torturing, imprisoning, and killing people right under our noses. And the media that pays loud mouth people like Whoopi Goldberg never tell you about them. 500 TV shows a day come on the air to “inform” you of the devastation the Russians are forced to exact. Forced. Yes, the Russians are attempting something that has never been attempted, a humane war. But our leaders, our media celebrities, our co-workers cannot imagine such a thing. Just like imagining real bioweapons being created on the borders of foreign lands, the lands of perceived enemies, cannot exist! But you know full well they do. We do have a CIA, an NSA, and U.S. Navy seals who kill prisoners and take trophies. Our corporations do use slave labor. We do rape and pollute the world. And we push everybody around. Whoopi, I guess she may have been bullied like most of us when we were kids. Only now she wants to put Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, and a bunch of the rest of us behind bars.

The gang of bullies. You can see them gathering for the feast in the schoolyard, can’t you? I can. As I sit here and listen to the masculine hero Bond, and that dying theme, I see them so clearly. A big kid, he’s backed all the way up into the corner of the walled playground. The instigator points and giggles, too cowardly to attack on his own. He leverages that big bully, the sadistic one the sickening gang follows, he’s slapping the face of the meek giant. Soon the laughter is contagious. The classmates snicker nervously. The elderly teacher watching over them, turns a blind eye, wanting to get back to her grading. Crying in fear, anger, and guttural frustration, the pitiful victim’s eyes flare. Then, there it is, a monstrosity appears where the cowering child was. He lashes out, crushing his detractor like a dried thorn twig underfoot. Somewhere, on the other side of the yard, a little girl smiles weakly, her cheerful heart tied forever to that moment. The scene is archetypal, but not so much nowadays.

We became the bully. We are the dark and dastardly ones cheering at the obvious, oblivious to the pain or fear or loathing of others. People ask me how come I seem to always side with the Russians, with Putin. So, Whoopi and Mitt Romney can clasp me in irons. It’s all good. I was that little boy pushed too far. And I think, that if most people searched their hearts and souls, then they’d see the Russian people like this. Maybe the famous killer, would be better understood at least. My darling wife, she’s smiling meekly, over there in the corner.

There is such a thing as a just war. We simply haven’t seen one in a very long time. (Aimed at Russell Brand — Get off the fence)



Phil Butler

A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.