Rule, Britannia! But, Over Who, What, When, and Where?

Sergey Lavrov — Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In breaking news, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov says Russia will never recognize Britain’s sovereignty over Scotland or Wales. In the latest aggressive move by the Kremlin, the United Kingdom is inundated with threatening gestures from the Russians, who seem hell-bent on… on… on… Oh, wait. Those pesky Russians only seem to be responding to the insanity surrounding them. They only seem to be preparing to defend themselves on their home ground.

It’s fake news, of course, but who could blame Lavrov or the Russians for responding in kind to idiot leaders and bureaucratic lunatics the people of the west have set in place? Of course, some reading this will be confused by my jibes here, so let me explain.

Suggested new study guide for British foreign service workers — Rostov Oblast courtesy Vladimir Alekseenko

Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told Sergey Lavrov that her country would never recognize Russia’s sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov Regions. So, of course, Lavrov set the nincompoop dignitary up when he asked Truss about the regions firmly inside Russia’s borders. And of course, in prime and proper British form, she crammed both her feet in her mouth at once. So the geography and the arguments of late are all about what Russia should do within her borders. And now we see how come there’s such a frenzy in Washington and London over troop movements.

These morons get flown to Moscow by pilots with automatic navigation systems, but they could not find Russia on a map if their lives depended on it. Truss also moved the Baltic Sea right next to the Black Sea in another statement about the Ukraine crisis earlier. Check it. Shouldn’t geography be a prerequisite for any nation’s “foreign service” to be knowledgeable about? No wonder the people west of the Don River are scared that Russia will invade Ukraine!

The Battle of Voronezh, June 1942 when the Nazis

If the Wall Street Journal or the BBC reported “Putin set to take over Jupiter,” there’d be a frenzy to create a new space force. President Joe Biden and his colleague Boris Johnson would then warm Putin and launch 20 bottle rockets at the moon as a show of resolve. It’s all a flipped-out comic book, you see? Instead, we live in the worn-out pages of a Mad Magazine issue.

Bill Clinton was the test president. If America did not impeach him for lying a billion times, they would never convict a Bush for war crimes over oil and regime changes. And when Barack Obama waltzed into the White House ahead of a parade of nobodies, the liberal order skies of lunacy were the limit. Then Boom! A reality show on wheels took the most powerful office on Earth. Trump was the Alfred E. Neuman poster boy and MAD cover who needed no satirical treatment or makeup. What a piece of work (POS) that guy is.

And now, Sleepy Joe disintegrates in front of the eyes of the whole world. Too bad MAD is only a shadow of its former self now, or we’d have Biden copy in hand, reminding us while we sit on the throne, how messed up America and the world have become. As for Britain’s foreign service, it the following German film about the First Battle of Voronezh should be included in diplomat training for those headed to Moscow to talk about peace. While Russian Soviets were fighting to half the fascist forces of Hitler, Great Britain got something of a reprieve. Imagine what the German forces could have done to the British isles had there been no eastern front.

The Voronezh and Rostov Regions are inside Russia. In the first battle of World War 2 for this key Russian region, 330,000 Russians were killed in action. That’s almost as many as Great Britain lost in the entire war. For a British Foreign Secretary to suggest, Russia has no dominion over her territory could be considered an act of war. It’s like the Queen Mother telling Americans she rules them still. Boston must be TAXED! Once again, or America.

Of course, Liz Truss probably thought Mr. Lavrov was asking her if Britain recognized Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea and the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Even if this is so, the problem is still the same. We have people out there negotiating for us who have no idea what, when, or where they are. Much less what is best for the world. Let’s hope the British military can find Kyiv, lest a platoon of SAS operatives lands in Hong Kong.



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