The Liberal World Order Enablers To Blame for Ukraine

Phil Butler
7 min readMar 10, 2022

Edward Lucas is being pumped up by notorious Russian privatization privateer, Bill Browder. The former BBC producer and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis says he’s making a hit list with Browder. Many reading this won’t even know who these people are. But if they are making lists containing the rest of us, I guess we’d better start listing them too. So, here we go. A beginner's list of Liberal World Order dastardly denizens.

Bill Browder with protesters against Putin in Toronto in 2016 (Mykola Swarnyk)

This Lucas fellow, who’s hoping to get elected for the Liberal Democrats in London and Westminster, has sided with perhaps the sleaziest Putin exile on Earth. Bill Browder, who got caught with his hand in the Russian cookie jar, has been on a tear to get revenge on Russia’s president for years now. Now, his skunky-smelling network of enablers is slithering to the surface, revealing some of the ugliest actors of this liberal order that runs stuff in much of the world.

Lucas, who’s actively pandering for donations for propaganda tools like Coda Story, is claiming he’s out to do a Sherlock Holmes on all the corruption in England and the world. Of course, Coda Story partners with the U.S. State Department propaganda arm Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, Wired, Moscow Times, and other Russophobe media. No big surprise there. Coda Story was founded by Georgian ultra-liberal Natalia Antelava, is in cahoots with Pavel Khodorkovsky, son of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, as well. The Yukos mafioso Putin pardoned to get him out of Russia for good, pitted his Interpreter Magazine alongside Coda and Browder, to foment more dastardly hysteria.

Speaking of liberal order hysteria, here Lucas is with Downing Street and White House advisor Fiona Hill, one of the loudest Putin haters on the planet (Chatham House)

Fast forward, and here we are on the threshold of World War 3 because of pissed-off privatization pirates Putin kept from stealing the legacy of the Russian people. The game is old, well documented, and only now coming to a conclusion. But, before the Russian forces in Ukraine demilitarize that country so all the proofs can be revealed, let’s go ahead and begin our own list of criminal liberal order skunks. Coda Story’s latest report (PDF) reveals many.

There’s Craig Newmark Philanthropies, The National Endowment for Democracy, Black Sea Trust Fund, State Department and CIA backed Zinc Network, Soros and Omidyar Group backed Luminate, Soros and Gates Foundation backed International Journalists Fund and more. When you see the full list, you’ll understand how the Ukraine demilitarization so quickly became a Putin hatefest in the media. The liberal order has been biding its time until Trump was out of office, to launch this media, economic, and proxy shooting war on the Russians.

Edward Lucas, and hundreds like him, are the tip of the media/propaganda spear for Soros, the Rothschild element, Europe’s lingering Nazi/neocons, and the American technocrats put in power by the old money. Putin’s main adversaries, the henchmen of the elite bankers sent to care up Russia in the Yeltsin years, are integral cogs in the greater scheme, of course. What’s most difficult for the average person to grasp, is how this “order” seems to have materialized out of seemingly wide spheres of influence and power. But the reason is simple: most of the names and companies you see were funded, grown, and put in front of the real tyrants years ago.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies & Craiglist, during the 2019 Knight Foundation Media Forum. This foundation puts money into new businesses and like-minded journalists seeding liberal order values. (Knight Foundation)

Framing the creation of this world order is a huge undertaking. It’s too difficult to outline here, for sure. Basically, people like Bill Gates, Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders, even Craig Newmark were “created” by deep pockets in New York, London, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere. To catch a glimpse, think about what these people actually became super-rich off of. Gates reshaped an operating system Steve Jobs created. Bezos came out of nowhere to create a digital Sears & Roebuck catalog. Zuckerberg got an infusion of over $200 million to edge out Facebook competitors. The Google boys won the search engine wars in a similar fashion. Craig Newmark made an online classified ad listing. Think about what I am suggesting here.

Sit back in your chair and really see it. Watch the video below, while you ponder.

Besides having created a media brainwashing system that is almost complete, these people have militarized every frenzied liberal on Earth behind their banner. The publisher of Coda story was in eastern Ukraine in 2014 coercing what he wanted out of Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Ilan Greenberg, operating under the moniker of The New York Times, tracked down the worst homophobes in Donbass so he could paint Vladimir Putin and the Russians as LGBTQ haters. His followers are in some kind of a trance today. Real Bioweapons labs were funded by the United States in Ukraine, real nazis are using civilians as human shields, and President Zelenskyy has emptied the country’s prisons to arm criminals — but Vladimir Putin is the evil one. Tulsi Gabbard (above with Tucker Carlson) frames the ludicrousness of this bioweapons/Ukraine situation.

Ukraine’s president manufacturing fake news like potato chips to feed the news, the Coda Story faithful cannot believe Putin! Now get this. It’s not something you will find in The New York Times. This is page one of a decree abolishing part of the criminal code of Ukraine. It basically says that any civilian in the country can kill anyone if that person thinks the victim was carrying out aggression against Ukraine. No, I am not kidding. Yes, it is real.

And Craig Newmark is retweeting how Russia is being cut off from communicating with the outside world. He’s also following Jen Psaki and retweeting how well the president is doing at following the script. Greenberg is into his aspect of what amounts to a digital bonfire like the Nazis undertook when they burned books in the 1930s. Closing the Stalin Museum in Georgia is on his mind, and in his Tweets. Soros is lamenting his days in Nazi-occupied Budapest, comparing Ukraine to Hungary. But he fails to mention he collaborated with Hitler’s goons too.

His Open Society Foundations, kicked from Russia like a mean drunk from a bar, is claiming Ukraine was no risk to Russia. There’s the #StandWithUkraine hashtag, which probably originated at some Soros-backed eastern European student club. Funny, Ursula von der Leyen follows good old George, I wonder why? But then, her first three Twitter followers were banks. I guess the Browders and Rothschilds of the world twisted her arm to get her to enact their policies? Talk about Freud and social media. But hey, look at these psychopaths trying to blackmail companies that have not yet withdrawn from the Russian market.

My point here is that this Ukraine crisis presents an interesting opportunity for the people of the world. Though the Russians and particularly Vladimir Putin seem to be the axial focus for many people in the world, a secondary effect reveals the real evil that lurks just beyond a thin veil. Somehow, the liberal order is either desperate or confident enough somehow, to try and finish off Russia. It seems to me, given all we are seeing, that Vladimir Putin is about to thwart them. And in ways, they probably did not foresee. Just what are the goals of this liberal order, anyhow? We find part of the answer in leadership.

The United States has led North America, Europe, and Japan in the spread of “economic liberalism.” Unfortunately, the so-called liberal order has used a bastardized form to take every advantage of individual rights, while serving the ruling elite a buffet of profit, power, and unbelievable wealth. Most of the problems the world faces are because of the flawed economics of their system. Economic liberalism, at least in the form we have seen it, is a dead end. Unfortunately, the people benefiting most from this system have become unimaginably powerful. Trillionaires, standing in front of people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and other hundred billionaires, control almost everything in the western world. This runs contrary to the goals of economic liberalism, in fact. Michael Barnett, in a paper for The Chinese Journal of International Politics, outlines many reasons why this order has failed. In his summary he says:

“One reason for its declining moral foundations is because of the pronounced individualism that resides at the heart of the contemporary international order.”

Basically, Barnett says that morality has been expunged from this liberal order as time has gone on. And this is easy to see if you look at what’s happening in the United States. Barnett channels William Butler Yeats in his assessment, as well. I’ll leave you to think about the elites, Ukraine, who Putin really is, and World War 3 after this quote from “The Second Coming,” by Yeats. This is where the privileged few, the technocrats and propped-up figureheads are taking the world. This is because the order’s only spiritual dimension is progress, which is defined differently for the wealthy elites, compared to average people. Again, this is too complex to discuss here, but it’s clear their passionate intensity to perpetuate their flawed philosophies, will burn us all alive.

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, / The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere / The ceremony of innocence is drowned; / The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity.”



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