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Phil Butler
6 min readMar 24, 2022
Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Celebrating the end of the world?

The Ukraine crisis has unfolded so quickly, I guess none of us can keep up. As I type this, it seems that the Russian forces are about to establish complete control over Mariupol. As Russia moves forward in the most unprecedented military maneuver in history, we must take note. Those melodramatic forces who set this catastrophe in motion have gone nuts. And meanwhile, Russians take it all in stride, as if conditioned by hundreds of years of real and psychological war. What the world fails to realize here, is how determined and committed the Russian people can be.

“There can be no peace in the world, without Russia.” — Vladimir Putin

This time, however, the “split” between west and east will be permanent. Too much has gone on, and too fast. The incompetent presidency in my country, run like a crew of sock puppets by the technocrats and hedge fund kingpins, let this blow too big. And now, the liberal elite order has only one chance — to go all in. Sadly, for my countrymen, the media bubble is complete except for a scant few voices. And they will be silent too, before long. Washington and London are running Kyiv like a central battlefield command post. And many doubt Ukraine’s petulant president is even there now. The “news” emanates, supposedly, from Ukraine’s capital. But it’s not news at all.

President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski with right-wing Ukraine journalist Dmitry Gordon. Gordon, who is a key interconnect for Washington/Kyiv propaganda, recently insisted the Russian people should perish in chaos, poverty, cold, and hunger.

If you recall the first days of the conflict, you’ll certainly remember the non-heroes of Snake Island. That was a martyrdom of rebellious Ukraine soldiers against the invading hordes, that never took place. Then there was a new flying ace akin to Germany’s Red Baron, wiping the skies over Ukraine of the Russian air forces. Only there was no “Ghost of Kyiv” — at least not a confirmed ace. Still, interestingly, the myth merited a Wikipedia page. But of course, my old friend Jimmy Wales is a kingpin of this world order anyhow. Then there were the widely distributed images of Zelenskyy visiting his troops in a full battle kit. Only those turned out to be from 2021, a year before this conflict. They are still widely used, so you know. Oh, and the wounded elderly lady who made the cover of some western media? You remember, the bandaged face, the sad look, the devastated urban landscape, right? Another fake. From a gas explosion in 2018, I believe. On all this effort at smoke and mirrors, I can only think of how crystal clear it all really is. Do you think the lord of hosts, Allah, or Jesus himself would come cloaked in illusions like these? I am reminded of something by a great author:

“God will invade. But I wonder whether people who ask God to interfere openly and directly in our world quite realize what it will be like when He does. When that happens, it is the end of the world.” — C.S. Lewis, The Case for Christianity

None of it matters. Nobody believes anything but what they are told. Many Americans, Brits, or Europeans believe it’s all fake. But, they are those experienced with the western broadcast advertising beast. You know, the same hungry machine that sells us everything the elites want us to read, see, and hear. It’s broken for good, the global community they sold us. How ironic, that the same evil elites who created globalization for the “good” of humankind, are now blowing it to bits. And do you know how I can tell it’s all over? Isn’t it obvious why all our analysis, study, and our calls for moderation fall silently on the floors of western homesteads? It worked. The propaganda machine did its job.

Look at the situation with the Biolabs funded by the United States Department of Defense, and with the help of the Embassy of the United Kingdom. In spite of the fact, the American government admitted they are there, the media claims they are not.

Nazis! The Bandera fascists who hijacked the Euromaidan coup? They are phantoms. They do not exist at BBC, The New York Times, on the Wall Street Journal, in the pages of the Washington Post, on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, or even the Discovery Channel. Google, Meta, Twitter, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Microsoft, the entirety of big tech, has blocked every faint signal. There is no message or retort coming from Russia or Russian sympathizers. For anyone on these platforms, everyone in leadership in Ukraine is George Washington or Mother Teresa. The Odessa massacre? It was a fire in a dumpster outside the Customs House. A fiction, Russian propaganda, another machination of the great, evil, and powerful Putin. NOTHING, no proof, a revelation from God himself could now convince the red-hot liberals in my country of our culpability. NOTHING.

The other day some cinema people put together evidence showing that Ukraine’s Zelenskyy has used a green screen in a broadcast. He did this in order to convince viewers he is still in Kyiv. Another fake. The insinuation is obvious. But, it does not matter. Kyiv claims 14,000 Russian soldiers have been slain by the mighty Ukraine armed forces. Their defense ministry says Russia is down to their last tank, a few old fighter planes, and is almost out of ammo. But Nazis holding Mariupol citizens hostage and using them as shields has not prevented the Russians from taking the city. In social media, the hordes of Ukraine and NATO trolls refashion the same old images. There’s a Russian tank on fire, or the same Russian helicopter being downed. Any building blown to pieces with Nazis inside is suddenly a war crime. But something is missing.

Anticolonialist Kémi Séba is but one of many voices saying the America-Europe-Russia crisis signals a new world dawning. (Geopolitica.ru)

Where are the mass graves, the blood, and carnage, the row upon row of Russian casualties? Where is all that iron stacked up? How come those fancy war drones Washington is sending cannot reveal these Ukraine victories? The retaking of towns, the bitter defeats inflicted on those damned Ruskies, where are they? It’s phenomenal when you think about it. Why have the Russian people not followed the advice of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, and just rid the world of Vladimir Putin? Isn’t Russia ready to collapse? Why are we not watching Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suing to surrender all of Russia by now? I know you feel me here. It’s North America and most of Europe, versus Russia, China, India, Iran, most of the Middle East, Africa, and much of Latin America. It’s done. As African anticolonialist Kémi Séba put it recently:

“The Russian military operation in Ukraine has completely changed the world, and this moment is the beginning of the end of the unipolar world and the birth of the multipolar world.”

The world does not need the United States or Europe. And Russians, in particular, don’t need Europe. They don’t need anybody, in fact. Of all the nations on Earth, the biggest country is more self-sufficient than any of the rest. Russia is, for all intents and purposes, a world all her own. Twice as big as America, and almost double the size of China, there’s not a resource the Russian people will ever want for, until the end of foreseeable time. This is another thing people in my country forget. 143 million people own twice the recoverable natural resources of 330 million people in America. Russia, Iran, China, Brazil, and Venezuela hold $130 trillion dollars worth of the known oil, gas, coal, gold, silver, timber, and rare minerals left in the world. And the news media in the west thinks that McDonald’s and Apple pulling out of Russia will hurt the Russians.

“I am here, alone, at the end of the world. I reach out and touch nothing.” — Haruki Murakami

This is the ridiculous, ironic, pitiful truth of western civilization. Or, I should say, what western civilization has become. What we have is a kind of cultural and racial apartheid. And I must say this, for it is true. For many in the halls of power in the west, the Russians are the same as black Americans or Hispanics have been for generations in my country. Russians are not second-class citizens in America, Britain, or Germany, they are third class. You know, the people who mainly drowned when the Titanic went down. The only thing lower on the humanity scale for liberal Americans, for instance, is a Trump supporter with a rebel flag.

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