What Putin Knows and What You Don’t

“Europe must abandon all illusions about Russia” — Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Vladimir Putin the day before the demilitarization operation began. You can tell his thoughts weigh heavily. The western elites would have you think his moves were ill-advised, spontaneous, even flighty. (Kremlin photo)

We are at war. The missiles have not yet rained down on western Europe or North America, but Joe Biden’s war on Russia is underway, never the less. Only a scant few of my countrymen will even believe, what I am about to reveal to them. But, since I made it my job a decade ago, here is the truth of the Ukraine conflict nobody in America knows.

The media in the U.S. and in the U.K. is running the biggest scam ever witnessed here on planet Earth. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is money, of course. A very few corporations, governments, and what you can call “western oligarchs” own all the information you get. Most of you already either know or were informed about this. You’re in a bubble, for lack of a better description. Before you started reading this report, you could easily have been excused for not having alternative news and information. After these paragraphs? Well, I will have shown you otherwise.

Ukraine’s Cardboard Superheroes

Let’s start with the story of Ukraine comedian turned world-class leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. A few days ago the media began portraying him in Joan of Arc style, shaking his fist from Kyiv at the Russian hordes of Putin surrounding his capital. A video on social media showed him, supposedly waiting on Putin’s legions, in a square in Ukraine’s capital. The world went nuts! Then images surfaced supposedly showing Zelenskyy in his fighting “kit” reviewing his troops. Again, the media and social media minions went bananas! World leaders began calling the former comedian a ‘global hero’ for standing up to the supervillain of many years now, evil Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine’s manufactured hero president — an icon for fools to believe in — my Facebook share showing Zelenskyy fans using images from last year to build him into a paper tiger.

But, as is often the case, there was a problem. You see, the images of Zelenskyy in his armor vest and helmet were from April of 2021 when he was doing his presidential thing toasting Ukraine’s military. (See AP) Back then the only danger was of the pencil neck Ukraine leader getting a hernia wearing the heavy armor. But the video of the Ukraine superman is the real show stopper. You see, late last week Russian forces were rapidly encircling Ukraine’s capital and other cities. There were offers from the U.S. and other nations to rescue the Ukrainian president before it was too late. Only somebody had an evil genius public relations exec around. The decision was made to turn certain defeat into a delaying action. Get this.

A member of Russia’s Duma came forward to suggest that Zelenskyy’s team had pre-recorded the Saturday video released on his Facebook page. This was done after the Ukraine leader had accepted a chance to talk to the Russians on the border of Belarus. In what seems purely American State Department style, Zelenskyy managed to get Vladimir Putin to declare a ceasefire long enough for the talks to have a chance. Russia’s forces were held up, and Zelenskyy could easily escape Kyiv for Lviv, far in the west on Poland’s border. Like I said, brilliant evil genius PR. These high-paid liars also used a “Snake Island” surrender to garner more support, claiming that brave Ukrainian soldiers there were telling powerful Russian warships to “Fuck Off” right before dying a valiant death. Zelenskyy praised them as martyrs, remember?

Well, now even CNN is reporting they are alive and well according to the Ukraine Navy. POLITICO has not caught up as of my report, with many of the facts about the Ukraine propaganda battle with Russia. The neocon magazine is hot to report Big Tech warring with the Russians but fails in otter regards. They still have President Zelenskyy in his saintly armor, but fail to produce any recent photos of him battling Russian tanks. Then another urban propaganda legend dubbed the Ghost of Kyiv, was a fighter pilot who supposedly challenged Baron von Richthofen’s (Germany’s Red Baron) fighter kills at a time when Russia wiped Ukraine’s Air Force out of the skies. I have yet to verify whether or not this lord of the skies over Ukraine exits, but Zelenskyy swears he’s littered the landscape with the wreckage of Russian aircraft. If things hold true to form, we’ll find this “ghost” in a whorehouse in Odessa’s red-light district.

A Most Careful War

The Russians, who are trying not to kill civilians, are held up further by subterfuge. And the west has a hero to sway public opinion so the Germans and others will send weapons. And etc. I will let your imagination sort out the rest. Now, Zelenskyy can talk tough all he wants, and Russia has more heavy weapons to contend with, not to mention a western world convinced that want to take over Europe. But the world does not understand, just like my American friend did not, why Vladimir Putin chose this moment to act in Ukraine. Oh, and about that sweet elderly lady wearing bandages with blood on her face outside the bombed-out apartment block. Western media went batshit crazy over that too. But I see very few retractions telling audiences the lady was injured in a gas explosion in 2018. Please recall, all the White Helmets hub-bub from the Syrian War. So much Fake News, with dead people following because of it. Now let me let you in on what I know about Mr. Putin’s “sudden” decision.

First, and foremost, this demilitarization of Ukraine was not some knee-jerk snap decision. In fact, Mr. Putin and his Russian colleagues have been warning NATO and its benefactors about the eastward expansion since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And, as was the case when the first Bush administration was in power, Washington and allies have laughed at the Russians over not getting promises about NATO moves in writing.

When Gorbachev complained he was lied to about NATO by then U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, the Americans joked about Russians believing in something, not on paper. Specifically, Mikhail Gorbachev discussed NATO’s future role in a unified Germany with Baker, who told the Russian leader “there would be no extension of NATO’s jurisdiction for forces of NATO one inch to the east” and agreed with Gorbachev’s statement that “Any extension of the zone of NATO is unacceptable.” Big joke, haha. Now NATO is pushing to reside right next door to Russia’s most crucial heartland. And Americans are believing that Joe Biden assurances no missiles will go farther eastward! Only Putin wants written documents this time. There’s another problem, Vladimir Putin is not Gorbachev or sellout Boris Yeltsin. So, the laughing hyenas are back at the bargaining table, and herein lies the biggest problem. And his demilitarization campaign puts civilian lives and preserving infrastructure as higher priorities than timeframe or territory conquered. It’s a soft conquering, a more honest takeover than the one by my country back in 2014.

“The radicals took advantage of the justified discontent of the people, saddled the protest, and in 2014 brought the Maidan to a coup d’état. At the same time, they received direct assistance from foreign states. According to reports, the material support of the so-called protest camp on Independence Square in Kyiv from the US Embassy amounted to one million dollars a day.” — Vladimir Putin, 2022

The Big Question: Why Now?

As I said, the NATO issue has been a sore spot for Russia for decades. Only the so-called Obama Doctrine of starting proxy wars and regime change, altered the game significantly. Moving anti-missile and targeting systems to Romania and Poland (Aegis) shifted Putin’s focus significantly. Fast forward to Biden taking office, and the United States sends the absolute bottom of the barrel to supposedly negotiate with Vladimir Putin, mostly through Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sergey Lavrov. These are tough men, but I could swear I thought I saw Lavrov throw up in his own mouth once or twice during negotiations. When Britain sent an idiot to meet him, I’m sure he fought hard not to burst into laughter. If British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss had a brain, she’d take it out and play with it like Jello.

I’ve covered Lavrov and Putin as much as anybody, and I can tell you there was a bad taste in both their mouths at every meeting with emissaries from America and Britain. After years of ludicrousness, lies, insults, western oligarchs, and Russian outcasts lying, cheating, and resorting to anything and everything, the legitimate fears of the Russian people are still a joke. With Nazi atrocities against Russian speakers going on daily in Donbass, and no Minsk peace agreement in sight, Putin and his advisers saw no other way. Russia is demilitarizing Ukraine for good. And at the same time, hunting down the Badera Nazis who have butchered and brutalized many in Russia’s neighboring country.

I hesitate to share the following video, but in order for the reader to be up to speed on what is really going on, I think it’s imperative that I do. The harrowing video is from 2015, I am told and supposedly distributed first by the Cyber-Berkut group of hacktivists that targeted the “Right Sector” IT resources from the onset of the Euromaidan coup. Apparently, Ukraine Nazis from the notorious Azov Battalion have captured a pro-Russia separatist near the village of Shirokino, and they proceed to crucify the man while filming his agony. Please be advised, this is extremely graphic and disturbing. They nail the poor man to a wooden crucifix, his mouth is taped, but you can hear his muffled screams as they condemn him, before burning him alive.

As you can see, the Russian speakers who were burned alive in the Odessa Customs House back in 2014 were not alone. You may remember, then Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, blame Vladimir Putin for the deaths in Odessa, instead of those who perpetrated them. Back then it was all a so-called “slow-motion invasion” of Ukraine too. I could offer dozens of other instances, raw imagery of hundreds dead, children blown to bits or crippled, and carnage that would make ISIS fighters cringe. Also, he evacuated tens of thousands from Donbass before entering Ukraine, if you recall.

Donbass children lost
The Ukrainian government has repeatedly shelled civilians in this Donbass region, over the past 8 years, as nearly 15,000 civilians have been killed in this genocide. No one in the west #stoodwithdonbass — Facebook user Bruce Eternick, a high school teacher in Illinois, USA

For now, just remember Mr. Putin said that this was a “denazification” operation, from the onset. Clearly, there is much hate crime going on inside Ukraine, that western media and our governments are not talking about. Take this rough translation of a Polish Twitter user’s response to the video of the apparent crucifixion reads:

“Ruskie and Ukrainian women are worth each other. I will always say that all that beyond the Bug River are rough cattle.”

My own ReTweet on this ghastly video read “Mother of God. If this is really going on, may Putin rain hell down on all of them. To the man.” This is just so you know, my stance on torture and inhumanity that exceeds even the inhumanity of war. The Russians are investigating new war crimes of this type today. And then there are the warm and fuzzy liberal order minions, who do their part to paint the poor Ukrainian people as bloodsoaked victims of the bloodthirsty Russians.

Try to imagine fighting fanatics in an urban environment, without harming non-combatants, with the western world sending money, weapons, and raining sanctions down upon your own people. I know it’s hard, but think of Nazi Germany bombing the shit out of Stalingrad or Leningrad for years, think of the propaganda from the Axis powers, the silence anywhere in Europe, about Russia’s plight. Then look in Putin’s eyes and say he’s living in the past. The man’s brother died of malnutrition in the siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Short take, few really know who Vladimir Putin is. I’m better versed than 99.9% of media persons.

Liberal Channel Masters

To make matters much worse for me personally, I received an email today from the CEO of Avaaz Bert Wander. The message was about influencing world leaders to increase sanctions on Russia, to exact an even greater economic warfare, on a country already pushed to the limit. The mail claims Putin is responsible for “50,000 victims, millions of refugees, and claims democracy is losing ground.”

Now, comparing this with a live witness from the center of Kyiv during the first days of the demilitarization is a no-nonsense explanation of what is going on. Contrary to all the reports from western mainstream media, the Russians are doing the dead level best to preserve life, property, and the goodwill of the Ukrainian people. Conversely, President Stelenskyy is practicing a scorched Earth policy of no holds barred warfare that includes dirty tricks, catering to Nazis and extremists, putting unarmed citizens in harm’s way, and more.

Turning to social media, for years the media and our government has harped about alleged Russian troll armies practicing cyberwar. I wrote a book about this several years ago, debunking most of this. The funny thing today is, with Putin planning to take over the world, even the Putin trolls I was supposed to have led, have pretty much evaporated. Or, at least, they’ve been tsunami washed over by the paid and WOKE ideology Ukraine trolls going nutso online. Check this when you look at #Ukraine hashtags on Twitter. It’s a sea of lunatic Zelenskyy fanatics. Anything other than Putin hate is censored, but I don’t want to write a book here. The video from Kyiv below has was blocked by Facebook and Twitter. It is important that you watch this cool and collected common sense report, from the capital of Ukraine at the moment BEFORE Russian forces secure the city.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and most of the other social media channels have effectively silenced dissenters being objective about Russia now. Ditto that for China, or any perceived enemy of this world order. To test my theory, just try to find something, anything, anything at all, good about Russia. It’s sad, if you finally catch up with me on all this stuff.

The Mad, Mad WOKE Hatters

Finally, the magnitude of force coercion being leveled at Vladimir Putin and Russia should tell us all something. For instance, Switzerland, which has maintained neutrality for hundreds of years, has now joined the EU in imposing sanctions against Russia, including Putin. This unprecedented move means the power elites who meet in Davos are desperate to destroy not only Putin but any hope there will ever be peace in the world. Russia is not Afghanistan or Iraq even, the implications are enormous considering that China and dozens of other countries have close alliances with the Russians. What these curious moves say to me is that something has gone so desperately wrong, that these elites need a world war to cover it up.

“Several factors make this US-Russian Cold War more dangerous than its predecessor — is “Russo-madness” one of them?” — Stephen F. Cohen, The Nation

I care not to speculate but the devastating news this morning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) comes to mind. In their latest report, the scientists tell of the world we have already passed a point of no return. With economies teetering, the pandemic still killing thousands, and crises all over the planet, we now learn that some 3.6 billion people are highly vulnerable to climate change, largely from extreme heat, heavy rainfall, drought, and fire, not to mention a mass extinction of some species taking place. And with the Ukraine news dominating today, only scattered major media outlets even bothered to report. Reuters and most others were just a bullet list of “takeaways” so the public won’t stress too much. I mention this, but political dissent about Ukraine and the current liberal order is also prevalent, even though most Americans will never see speeches like the one presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard gave at CPAC.

Gabbard, who serves proudly as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, relinquished her congressional seat to run for the presidency. In the speech the other day, she called out these same elites for trying to usurp the rights of citizens but came short of calling them traitorous for their bastardization of the U.S. Bill of Rights. I urge everyone to pay close attention to her words in the video above. Like others who take the moderate view, she’s been ridiculed and called everything under the sun for condemning America’s constant wars, the regime changes, and the elites stamping out our freedoms. She says, correctly, that our nation intended to be “under God” is being led asunder. She’s also been called a “Russian asset” for her trouble. She’s my choice for the next U.S. president if we are all still around.

I know by now you are wondering what the takeaway of this report is. I have shown the tip of what you could call a deceit iceberg. From what I’ve seen over the years out of Kyiv, these puppets we installed are reprobates and liars on a scale that would make the worst villains of the Bible blush. As I type this Zelenskyy’s people were in ceasefire talks with Russia while demanding that the EU instantly make the country an EU member state. These people are the Nazis Putin described, I just wish I could find out the deeper implications only he and a few others know about. For me, and many others, the “why now” question is not fully answered. Putin’s nuclear phase warning bears close observation.

My sense is, he found out something unbelievable, something that sped up the game. But this is speculation on my part. Zelenskyy seems to be lying with every breath and buying time. Vladimir Putin summed up for me, I guess when he denounced my country and its allies as an “empire of lies.” On this, I have personally provided irrefutable proof many times. Those lies ruin my homeland, confuse my people, and fuel everlasting conflict where peace could easily prevail.



A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.

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Phil Butler

A journalist, analyst, husband, father, and animal lover. I am semi-retired now, and living on Crete island.